I can face paint full facial or cheek art designs at your special event or schedule individual appointments. I can also paint simpler designs for high-volume events.

Private & Corporate Events are $150 per hour*

Currently my face painting rate is about 5 to 10 minutes per face (approximately 10 faces per hour). I can do much simpler designs and push this rate to 3–5 minutes per face (approximately 15 faces per hour).

Individual Painting Sessions are $100 per hour*

I offer highly detailed designs which are best suited to 'one on one' appointments with me, i.e. for Halloween. Are you interested in getting painted in the comfort of your home? We are happy to accommodate you! Please call us in advance to make an appointment to insure that we can paint you before you go out on to party.

Pregnant Belly Painting Package is $235*

Celebrate this precious time by painting your lovely pregnant belly with unique & original artwork.  You 
can be painted in the comfort of your own home. The Pregnant Belly Painting Package includes:

· Individual consultation by phone or in person
· Complimentary photo shoot and a digital copy of pictures
· Unforgettable memories!

* Note that a $25 traveling fee is added for locations outside of Marin County.